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VHC AP Exam Bootcamp

One of the pinnacles of the Vielka Hoy Consulting strategy is success in AP courses and exams. It’s a huge […]

You’re My People

This week I learned about the passing of my mentor from UCLA. Mark Sawyer was a brilliant scholar and did […]


Most every time that I have done a teacher training I have used “Mascot,” the second chapter in the Autobiography […]

Oh, how I love those acceptance letters

And with this last letter from Fullerton, students have received acceptances to all of the CSUs!  So proud of these […]

The NBA, NFL, & NCAA, and You

Quite a while ago, a high school teacher of mine turned mentor became really upset about how universities treat their […]

College Placement

Yesterday, the students from the AP Club continued our college tour and went to UC Berkeley.  It also happened to […]