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The Great Scholarship Hunt

Our goals are to graduate students, in as close to four years, with as little debt as possible. The first […]

The Financial Aid Gap

I think one of the most disappointing things to discover is when the financial aid award does not meet the […]

Time to Apply For Scholarships

One of the key components to my strategy is applying early (by November 30). It allows for many things, including […]

How to Create a Competitive College Application 3

Apply for scholarships. I’ve stated before that acquiring money for college is an investment. Courses that you might take, and […]

How to Afford College in Seven Steps: Step One: The Investment

Welcome! I thought I would present this “webinar” a bit differently so I asked my former student Amber Granato to […]

Survey Results

As promised, I am returning to you the results of the survey that many of you completed to help me […]