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Vielka Hoy Consulting’s Response to Repeal of DACA

It was an interesting coincidence that I received my renewed passport and my son’s new passport in the mail today. […]

College Counselor

As my business continues to grow, we have been fortunate enough to think more about what makes our services unique. […]

2016 Year-In-Review

Happy New Year! As with everyone, the new year is a great time to reflect. There was a lot of […]

Ms. Hoy Really Wants You To Go To College

During my first few years teaching, I worked with a student who took a lot of…work. She had some stuff […]

Decisions, Decisions

When I first started teaching, teachers often talked about all that we could learn from the students. That has been […]

College for Free

I decided to weigh in just a bit on the presidential election. I obviously am pretty political and sit comfortably […]