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Dear White People

If you haven’t already seen it, much of what I was thinking about in Social Justice College Counseling Part 2: […]

Oh, how I love those acceptance letters

And with this last letter from Fullerton, students have received acceptances to all of the CSUs!  So proud of these […]

You Need A College Counselor

I often times joke that over-thinking is my super power.  So I have been using my super power to think […]

Going the Distance

A few things happened this week that reminded me of some of the reasons why I may call what I […]

Case Study #3: Due Dates

I think one of the worst things in the college counseling arena is when you are in that spot to […]

High-Tuition, High-Aid Model

I found this article that discusses what many in the college-access community are using to push schools with higher tuition: […]