Author: Vielka

Healing in the Time of Corona

I was recently struck by a blog post from Antero Garcia:  You don’t do school when you are sick. You […]

So you can’t go to school (Part 2: Social Science)

Vielka has been teaching and coaching Social Science teachers for over twenty years.  Over that time, she has developed curricula […]

So you can’t go to school…

Each summer, we publish enrichment for our clients so that they do not get behind in the learning, can actually […]

Systemic Racism

But, we don’t live in a system that rewards empathy. And that’s racism.

Why Poor Students are Going to the Wrong Colleges and Why You Should Care

Here is the punchline: Having a significant portion of the populations unable to participate in the economy makes capitalism tough to implement.

How We Make Things Cheap For You: Virtual Meetings, Strategy, and The Cloud

This is awkward. I’m going to talk about money. I really hate doing it but it is important on occasion. […]