Gearing Up For The New School Year: Open Slots in All Classes

by Vielka

We are preparing for the new school year and would like to re/introduce you to all of our services!

Our goals are: to graduate students; in as close to four years; with as little debt as possible. In order to do that, we look first at schools that graduate students at least 70% of the time and meet a majority of their financial need. Then we support students in exceeding the requirements to these schools.


We provide two types of college admissions counseling packages for grades 7 through 12:

-Test preparation, curricular support, and college admissions/application support
This package is best for students who are also looking for academic support. We provide preview classes and a specific type of tutoring.

-Test preparation and college admissions/application support
This package is best for students who are further in their application process and have been successful in AP and honors courses already.

Both packages include unlimited test preparation in classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions, our unique college matching system, and unlimited support with college applications.

Our offices are in Berkeley and San Jose, CA but we work with clients all over the globe.

Contact us for a free consultation. Or complete our consultation request form to get started.


We hold a series of workshops that answer your questions. You can attend in person at our offices in Berkeley and San Jose, CA or virtually.

Take a look at our Events page for information on workshops!

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