Vielka Hoy Consulting was founded in 2013 and is committed to supporting students in their college ambitions. We specialize in working with underserved communities: students of color; immigrant and first-generation students; low-income students; girls; and students in public schools. We realize that includes a lot of students—most everyone—but we take the approach that these students are not getting the level of service that students and families with means are getting. So, we decided to see what happens when the students who typically would not receive this level of service actually did.

And we found a service that works.

Thus far, VHC clients have been admitted to and are attending selective four-year universities with their funding needs met. These universities include:
• Barnard College
• Columbia University
• Duke University
• New York University
• Northwestern University
• Oberlin College
• Pepperdine University
• St. Mary’s College
• UC Berkeley
• University of Pennsylvania
• University of Southern California
…and many more.

The need to graduate from college is more important now than ever. Doing so with as little debt as possible, is becoming more difficult. That’s why we are committed to graduating students, in as close to four years, with as little debt as possible.

Vielka Hoy, CEO and Founder

Vielka has been in education for nearly twenty years as a middle and high school teacher and university instructor. She earned a BS in Social Studies Education from New York University and MA in Afro-American Studies from UCLA, and most of her doctorate at UC Berkeley in African Diaspora Studies. Vielka also founded Bridge to College Inc, a web app, and works as a program associate and specialist in educational technologies at the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. Vielka is an Afro-Latina and was a first-generation college student. You may also see her riding her bike down both University Aves in Berkeley and Palo Alto without a helmet #freethedread.

Megan Dodds, Chief Operating Officer

Megan was a first-generation college student who graduated with a BA in Speech Communication from Oregon State University in 2014. Megan has worked alongside Vielka for the last year and a half assisting in the growth and overall administrative support of Vielka Hoy Consulting. She has developed a penchant for travel and spends much of her time navigating the states to explore various mountain ranges in search of breath-taking, perspective-altering nature. You will hear from Megan for items regarding billing, follow up, meeting reminders, and other general correspondence. Megan is excited to help establish lasting client relationships and witness clients challenge themselves to achieve their academic goals. #whereintheworldismegan

Naduah Wheeler, Case Manager

Naduah Wheeler graduated with a BA in English Literature from the University of Oregon in 2014. After spending three years working and living abroad, she is now pursuing her Masters of Public Health in Sweden. Coming from a small town as a first-generation college student, Naduah is really excited to be working with Vielka Hoy to assist students in achieving their dreams, no matter how grand. When not reading about communicable diseases for class, Naduah likes to watch artsy films with her cat, go on hikes with her dog, and make delicious vegan food. #vegansareawesome

Justin Norton, Writing Coach

Justin has been a professional writer and journalist for more than 20 years, including seven-plus years at The Associated Press. Since leaving daily journalism he has worked in corporate PR and as a writer-for-hire for companies and as a ghostwriter, handling bylined articles, blogs, speeches, and more. Justin will help develop the writing curriculum and assist students as they work to write compelling admission essays. Justin lives in the East Bay with his family and dog. #eastbayallday

Jaime “Luigi” Benitez, Tutor

Luigi is a recent graduate of Livermore High School. He sent his time affiliated with a collection of clubs like the National Honors Society and Advanced Placement Club, and enjoyed giving bak to the school and community through service events. Luigi currently attends Las Positas Community College but is pursuing the remainder of his college career at the University of southern California in January 2018, where he plans to major in human biology. When he is not working, Luigi enjoys playing video and card games, conditioning at the gym, or exploring cities in Northern California. #fighton

Patrick Schwartz, Tutor

Patrick has recently graduated from Livermore High School. Throughout high school he excelled in all his math and science, including math courses at Las Positas Community College during his junior year of high school. He is now attending Purdue University where he plans to major in electrical or biomedical engineering. He brings this skill in math and science to VHC to help students with their math curriculum or SAT/ACT prep work. When he is not studying, you can find him in the pool playing water polo, on the field playing baseball, or relaxing in his hammock. #mathgenius