Spring Events

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We’ve lined up some of our most popular workshops for the Spring calendar, along with exciting new events.

All of these workshops are presented virtually, so you can engage from where ever you’re located.

Almost all of our services at Vielka Hoy Consulting are administered virtually, and this is intentional. We’re big on Slack, email, and the Cloud. It’s the best way to efficiently communicate with everyone involved.

The technology allows us to meet with clients at more varied times, helps us keep costs down in order to make our services affordable, connects students with one another for peer support, and challenges students to develop valuable skillsets around communication, project management, and utilizing technology in education.

Check out our list of upcoming workshops below! 

Spring 2020 Calendar

Finding and Funding Summer Internships: Sunday, March 29, 1-2pm PST

College Financials: Sunday, April 5, 1-2pm PST

AP Exam Bootcamp: Sunday, April 19, 9am-1pm PST

College Case Study: Sunday, April 26, 9am-1pm PST

SAT Tips: Sunday, April 26, 1-2pm PST

Creating Your Personal Statement: Sunday, May 3, 10am-12pm PST

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon! Got a question? Leave us a comment below.

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