We believe that a holistic preparation of applications is the best way to support the student, meaning we offer our services as packages rather than a la carte and/or hourly. We work with students in grades 7 through 12 and provide scaled services at each grade level.

We employ a specific coaching model in our test preparation and curricular support, grounded in educational research, critical race theory,  and our own evidence-based best practices. We also support public school curricula in creating our test preparation and curricular support materials. Finally, we consider trends in college admissions in creating our plans for students, most notably among others, submitting applications as early as possible.


• Support in taking the PSAT in October in grades 7 through 11
• Support in taking the SAT and/or ACT in March and June of Grade 11 and August/September of Grade 12, if necessary
• Analysis of PSAT, SAT, and ACT scores
• Workshops, group classes, consultations, and individual classes
• Practice tests
• Summer work and reading in support of SAT and ACT preparation
• Support in SAT II Subject Tests


• Preview courses in Advanced Placement courses
• Tutoring in Math and Science, AP courses, and study skills
• Summer work and reading in support of Common Core and other subject-area standards
• Advisement in scheduling and course pathways


• Complete application support including review of essays and personal statement
• Support in creating a college list that matches students to their financial, social, and academic needs
• Support in applying to fly-in programs
• Support in applying for financial aid and scholarships
• Support in coordinating and planning college visits
• Workshops related to topics generated by students and families
• Supporting the appeals process
• Planning for college transition
• Guidance and support through college milestones


• Support for student athletes including athletic recruitment
• Support for students with IEPs and 504 plans
• Support for international students, including guidance with the TOEFL exam
• Support for undocumented and DACA students
• Support for students interested in attending university abroad
• Support in additional items related to college graduation

Our services are offered at competitive rates.

We also offer workshops and presentations for schools and community organizations.

• PSAT and SAT Prep
• AP Course and Exam Prep
• College Financials 101
• College Application Fundamentals
• College Application Essay Writing
• Career Preparation

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